bill wang photographer | Darien DCA mini-session FAQ

What will we get from our session?
you’ll receive a set of high resolution image files in JPG format that you can print. you can also order prints, cards, wall portraits + gifts through your online gallery. delivery on CD is available for $10.


How many files will we get?
we'll usually have between 8-15 images from our 20-minute session. so that we can make the most of our session, please make sure that you're ready to start your session on time.


Will our images be retouched?
my QTouch retouching package is available + can be added for $100 per session when you reserve your session or $150 afterwards. here's a sample of a before/after portrait with QTouch retouching.


1 - retouch01 - retouch0 2 - QTouch2 - QTouch

What should we wear?
think about how you’d like to use the images + where they’re going to be displayed + select your wardrobe to match.
 jackets, ties + more formal dresses will be a better match if you’re looking to create wall portraits for a formal sitting room, jeans and sweaters would be great for a fun holiday card.

for some ideas on how to coordinate colors take a look at my family portrait wardrobe guide at

Any other tips for our session?
if you're including an infant or small children in your session it can help if you bring favorite toys or snacks to help motivate + attract attention.

Can we include our family pet in our portrait?
because our session time is limited, we will not be including pets for these sessions. . .but let us know if you're interested and we might decide to have a DCA Dog Days some time soon.


Can we order cards, prints, mouse pads, mugs and other fun things with images from our session?
yes, you can order prints, cards, wall portraits + many other gifts through your online gallery.


Where will our portraits be taken?
we will have your session
in the formal garden at the DCA Meadowlands estate which has a lot of great spots to create portraits. the estate is at 274 Middlesex Road, Darien, CT 06820 

when you arrive on the grounds, follow the DCA driveway (which is a one way) and wind past the front of the mansion and you'll be lead to a large parking lot. there you'll see a stone wall with a walkway leading to the building entrance. come in through the double green doors and we'll meet you in the foyer.

Where can we park for our session?
entrance to the DCA mansion/grounds is one-way.  please follow the entrance driveway past the front of the house, to our main parking lot on the side of the building. come up the walkway and enter through the double set of green doors

What happens if it rains or we have bad weather?
we will have our sessions in the historic Library of the Meadowlands house.


Can we reschedule if we can’t make our session or if we have to miss it?
because we're expecting a full schedule we won't be able to reschedule any sessions. please make sure that you schedule your session for a time that's convenient for you and that your family will be "photo-ready" at your scheduled time.